The Postcard Project

I'm based mainly in the UK (in and around Edinburgh), but move frequently throughout the UK, France, Spain and Italy to create work. As you'll see from this site, I work with found materials - items purchased at flea markets + antique fairs around Europe. I take regular research trips, to source materials and subject matter too. In order to fund these gathering expeditions, I've set up The Postcard Project. For £200 (the price includes free worldwide postage) I'll paint you a postcard of wherever I happen to be at the point of your purchase. Ultimately, at a point in the future, I'd like to get back in touch with you, to exhibit these well travelled postcards.

These artworks are a record of my travels - except, they leave my possession - they're gradually being spread all over the world. They've travelled further than I have. I've posted these paintings (created upon the surfaces of antique postcards) from Paris to Portland; from Bilbao to Sydney; from Brighton to Orkney... That a postcard can accumulate so many hundreds (if not thousands) of miles in its lifetime is just one of the reasons I'm so drawn to and fascinated by these simple sheets of printed card.

When I travel I stick to the coast as much as I can, even if it involves a detour. The majority of these postcards end up being seascapes. With this in mind, I've decided to donate 10% of each postcard sale to the Marine Conservation Society.


One could say that Cass possesses the mad ambition to decant the sea - into a box of matches perhaps - or to send it to you, sealed & folded, painted upon the plane of a simple postcard
— Roger Rotmann Director (P.I) Cultural Development Department: Centre Pompidou, Paris