Scottish born artist David Cass has exhibited his multidisciplinary work in a range of exhibition venues and festivals since graduating in 2010. From Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, to Rome National Museum. And from Mansion House and the Royal Academy in London, to The Scottish Gallery and Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

Historian and past director within the Centre Pompidou Roger Rotmann comments ‘in order to comprehend the true core of Cass' work – the tension, the voltage that runs through it – one must observe it in the flesh.’ Principally, Cass creates three-dimensional paintings using exclusively found objects and surfaces sourced at flea-markets around Europe – though his practice also involves digital media and sculpture. Cass is currently working towards his fifth solo exhibition with the The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh: February 2019 | Read full bio text here.

Not so far from Bill Bollinger ... but with a richer sense of the object.
— Duncan Macmillan · The Scotsman

Rising Horizon

David is currently working on a new series to be exhibited in early 2019. See more on Instagram, or by following the link below.

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Born in 1988 in Edinburgh, Cass has recently returned to the city after many months spent working on mainland Europe.

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Read about David's recent book-project Perimetri Perduti (Perimeters Lost) exploring the history of the Florence flood of 1966 through painting and commissioned texts.

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