Upon [old metal advertisement signs, pill tins and even re-formed plastic-waste packaging] David Cass paints his seascapes: things of beauty in themselves – celebratory – but also more subtly exploring the terrifying fallout of the Anthropocene. Cass has worked with themes of inundation and destruction for many years: creating paintings, sculptural pieces and overpaintings that imagine inundation on a vast scale, not least in his studies of Venice and Florence. There is something of the miniaturist in Cass’ work, a focusing in on the detail, no matter what the scale – and that scale ranges from the very small to the very large. [Cass] finds his objects at flea markets, salvage yards, antique fairs...
— Excerpt from The Herald Newspaper · February 2019

Rising Horizon

Ongoing project & recent solo exhibition: environmentally themed artworks, painted upon re-formed plastics and recycled metals.

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David was born in Edinburgh (1988) and brought up in the Scottish Borders. He received a Royal Scottish Academy scholarship to Florence shortly after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art’s school of Drawing & Painting in 2010, and has spent the decade since working and exhibiting around the UK & Europe.

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Read about David's project Perimetri Perduti, exploring the history of the Florence flood of 1966 through painting and commissioned texts.

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