Back to the Studio

I've spent the last year travelling on mainland Europe. I closed my Edinburgh studio last July, and took a break from my studio practice and from full-time painting. My aim was to spend time experimenting, to add new media to my practice. I've spent a great deal of time working in Spain (with arts organisation Joya: arte + ecología), and in Italy (where I've been working on my Florence in Flood project). I've introduced film and photography into my practice, new tools to sit alongside my brushes that will now go on to inform and support my painted practice now.

Since returning I've exhibited in The Scottish Gallery – an exhibition entitled Tonight Rain, Tomorrow Mud which I created before leaving my Edinburgh studio last year – and in Tatha Gallery’s summer show.

And so to start off this new phase of work, I've rebuilt this website, with the help of Open Horizon Studio. I’ve also put together a simple photography and documentation website:

I'm excited to throw myself back into painting, I've refreshed my approach and added new environmental topics to my areas of interest: to combine with my love of recycled objects. I believe it's vital for visual artists to take time away from intensive studio work, to explore new mediums, new concepts. I've learned new skills and introduced new topics into my work that I hope will make for richer series' of works...