Profili Sommersi (Faces of the Florence Flood of 1966)

As a whole, my artworks tend to avoid straight-forward depiction of the human form. Traces are often evident in my landscape work: evidence that man indeed exists in the environments I paint. However for this project (Florence and the flood of November 1966) I feel that I can't escape the great human tragedy that the city (and its surrounding area) endured. Partly inspired by iconic renaissance portraits (mostly from the Uffizi gallery, whose collection bore the brunt of the 1966 floodwaters), I've started work on a series of paintings of semi-submerged Florentines.


Sketch Based On: Portrait Of A Girl With Book, Agnolo Bronzino (1545) • Pencil + Gouache On Antique Paper (January 2016)

Above Sketch Based On: Portrait Of An Old Man, Filippino Lippi (1457 - 1504) • Pencil + Gouache On Watercolour Paper (January 2016)

Profile Sommersi (Working Title) • Watercolour, Acrylic & Gouache on Antique Postcard (2016)