Created around Europe, these watercolour works depict sea, coast, land & city. Characterised by the transformation of found wooden structures, the series comprises over 400 pieces.


A selection of sea & skyscapes created in the studio using oils. These works are concerned with the topic of sea-rise and are made from mostly metal recycled items and objects.


This series of Arrangements has less emphasis on paint, and more on collage. These rearranged items & objects describe changing coastlines & sea surfaces.


The above pages display David Cass’ main projects, formed exclusively from found materials. Since graduating in 2010, Cass has also dedicated time to smaller, research-based offshoots of these projects: currently, this includes As Coastline is to Ocean. Previously, his Pelàda series explored the plight of Venice and the Venetians; and his Florence project Perimetri Perduti, examined the contemporary significance of the city’s devastating 1966 flood.