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For every 3 books sold 1 person in need will gain access to clean & safe water for life

Upon old metal advertisement signs, pill tins and even re-formed plastic-waste packaging, David Cass paints his seascapes: things of beauty in themselves – celebratory – but also more subtly exploring the terrifying fallout of the Anthropocene. Cass has worked with themes of inundation and destruction for many years: creating paintings, sculptural pieces and overpaintings that imagine inundation on a vast scale, not least in his studies of Venice and Florence. There is something of the miniaturist in Cass’ work, a focusing in on the detail, no matter what the scale; and that scale ranges from the very small to the very large. Cass finds his objects at flea markets, salvage yards, antique fairs...
— Excerpt from The Herald Newspaper · February 2019


David was born in Edinburgh (1988) and brought up in the Scottish Borders. He received a scholarship to Florence shortly after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art’s school of Drawing & Painting in 2010, and has spent the decade since working and exhibiting around Europe. He currently divides his time between London & the Scottish Borders.

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Rising Horizon

Ongoing project and recent solo exhibition: environmentally themed artworks, painted upon re-formed plastics and recycled metals.

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As Coastline is to OCean

In collaboration with artist Joseph Calleja, the estate of Robert Callender and An Talla Solais (Ullapool), this Creative Scotland backed summer show runs from 20th July to 8th September.

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