Series III

Most of these Arrangements of found and cast materials represent sea and coastlines. Others speak of collection and repetition.

Recent pieces were created for As Coastline is to Ocean and will continue into 2020 to mark Scotland’s Year of Coasts & Waters. Many display a contrast between dark and light, in reference to the albedo effect, in which disappearing sea ice makes way for larger areas of heat-storing sea.

These works present unlikely combinations of materials. Pinned receipt slips become a kinetic relief of moving water; cast salt and torn papers become aerial coastlines; crumpled papers become dappled sea surfaces; 35mm films upended to display their sprocket-holes become layered waves; wrapped Super-8 films become a nocturne; wooden offcuts resemble dried-out patchwork landscapes from above…

In the rare cases where paint is used, it’s not traditional oil or watercolour as in previous projects, but solar-reflective or light-absorbing paint.

114mm Ago 2019
Cast salt affixed to photographer’s plate (with stretcher) · 28 x 22.5 cm · Email for info

116mm Ago 2019
Found carbon-paper slips (upon found box-base) · 35 x 26 cm · Available

116mm Ago (detail) 2019
Found carbon-paper slips (upon found box-base)

Coastline Collage I 2018
Arranged found papers · Dimensions variable · NFS

126mm Ago 2019
Found 8mm film (with stretcher) · 24 x 33 cm · Available

200mm Ago 2019
Found 35mm film (with frame) · 34 x 30 cm · Available

Albedo Slides 2019
Found glass lantern slides overpainted with solar reflective paint & light absorbing black paint · Available

James Scott Elliot’s Slate 2011 (reworked 2018)
The artist’s Grandfather’s school slate, etched · Sold

So Many Endings VI 2013–2014
Assorted off-cuts, wooden drawer · 29 x 19 x 11 cm · Available