Where Once the Waters

A survey to collect sea level data,
specific to each of us

In an effort to bring home the topic of sea rise and offer relatable figures, I’ve started a project that seeks to discover how much the seas nearest our birthplaces have risen across our lifetimes. Average sea level readings are widely reported, but lost in average figures are the various local factors that make for wide ranging fluctuations in levels of rise around the world.

Based on local readings gathered by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, I know that the sea level near Edinburgh has risen by over 40mm since I was born there in 1988. Since my friend Gonzaga was born in Bilbao in 1985, sea level in the Bay of Biscay has risen by 75mm. Since my friend Joseph was born on the island of Gozo in 1981, the sea around his island has risen by almost 111mm. My aim is to present figures specific to each of us, personalising the topic.

By providing your name, birth year and place of birth, the level of sea rise nearest your birthplace will be calculated and added to a new artwork.


Map images ©2019 Digital Globe + Google Earth | Sea level calculations are achieved thanks to the NOAA, who were consulted throughout the project's early stages